About Fine Terroir Selections.


Who we are.

Fine Terroir Selections was founded in 2008.

Headquarted in Greenwich, Connecticut, we are now serving upwards 500 retail liquor stores, restaurants and private country clubs throughout Fairfield, New Haven and Hartford counties.

Moreover, the amazing quality of the wines in our portfolio led us to a quick growth. We are now distributing in 12 different states (Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Vermont and Washington DC).


Our experience.

Focusing on French wines at first, we now carry wines from all over the Mediterranean: Italy, Greece, Lebanon and Turkey.

Fine Terroir Selections is selective in building its portfolio so that it offers its customers access to wines of only the highest quality. It achieves this by building relationships with medium/small and often family oriented vineyards that are proud of the ownership in the production of their wines.

We believe in a relationship approach across all aspects of its business. Fine Terroir Selections works closely with vineyards and regularly hosts owner and/or representative on organized sales tour in the various states we represent.

From the customer’s perspective, Fine Terroir Selections offers high quality product and excellent customer service..

“Fine terroir on the label, quality on the table”


Our Facilities.

Fine Terroir’s office is located in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Fine Terroir’s warehouse is located in Watertown, Connecticut.

Our 40,000 square foot, temperature controlled warehouse is centrally located and allows us to deliver easily to our customers all around the state.

In addition, Fine Terroir Selections owns two vans dedicated to the deliveries.

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Where can you find us?

Fine Terroir is based in Connecticut. You will find on the website all the products available in Connecticut.

We also have some of our products in Michigan, Illinois, Maine, Virginia, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Vermont and Massachusetts. The availability of our products may depend from one state to another.

We have a close relationship with our out-of-state distributors and they will be happy to bring you our products. If you are interested in some of our amazing wines, please contact us and we will help you get it.


Meet our Staff.

Fine Terroir’s sales rep have a sophisticated depth and breadth of knowledge and take the time to fully understand and appreciate the unique differences of every wine they represent. Their expertise has been developed as a result of years of collective experience across multiple facets of the wine, liquor and food and beverage industries.

Our sales representatives are the reflect to the customers of the company.  Our customer service will be delighted to help you with everything you need. Our marketing team works hard to provide all the necessary materials for them and for the customers. From the creation of technical sheets, to shelf talkers and this (beautiful) website, the team is here to help everybody work in the best conditions.