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Barone di Valforte Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
Product Description
  • Grapes: 100% Montepulciano d’Abruzzo D.O.P.
  • Productions area: C.Da Piomba, Colle Sale
  • Altitude of vineyard: 150–350 m above sea level.
  • Soil typology: sandy and clayey; medium; mix.
  • Training system:T-buttressed Cordon Espalier.
  • Hectare harvesting: no more than 100–120 Q.
  • Number of plants per hectare: 4200.
  • Harvest time: the last ten days of September and the beginning of October.
  • Vinification: fermentation by steeping in grape skins or for 15 days
  • Refinement: cold process techniques.
  • Alcohol content: 13.5%
  • Organoleptic properties: Ruby-red colour with purple highlights and fruity scent with tones of plum
  • and morel cherries, matures a few months after vintage with a soft, lingering taste. Perfect with appetizers, entrées, meat,and cheese

The Sorricchio di Valforte family has owned the baronial fief of Valforte since the 14th century.

The origin of the name (Sorricchio indicates a typical sickle used to cut the corn, also present in the ancient coat of arms) proves that the family has been a landowner in Abruzzo since its origin.

There are various testimonies telling of a very well-known and influent family whose characters had fame in the arts, politics, and many other fields; this is often testified by the streets and squares’ names dedicated to them.

Love for the land and passion for the vines have always been the family’s first priorities.
The Sorricchio di Valforte family still works, with love and passion, on the same land that was given to them by their ancestors.

Guido and Francesco SDV brothers have developed a sustainable agricultural system through top-quality vineyard control throughout the whole production chain.

The winery is equipped with a new generation photovoltaic system for its needs and high-tech machinery for the care of the vineyards, which allows a reduction in the use of chemical products according to an “organic agricoltural“ system.


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