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Product Description

Grape Varieties
The “TRADITION” term refers to a typical blend of the local grapes varieties. Our cuvee TRADITION red is a blend of Pinot Noir, Trousseau and Poulsard.
The Pinot Noir grape is often blended with other varieties in the Jura vineyard, for its flavour and cellaring potential. Planted since the 15th century on gravelly soil, it is often the first vine variety to ripen in the Jura.
The Trousseau is an old local, late-fruiting and demanding vine variety from the Franche-Comté area. Trousseau requires light, gravelly, warm soil. It brings the peppery and spicy flavours to the wine.
The Poulsard is another old native grape variety, also known as “Ploussard”. This variety appreciates strong soils, with marl and clay. Its grapes, with white juices and a thin skin produce gourmet and lively juices, with hints of small red fruits and a stunning clear ruby red color.

Terroir & cultivation mode
In order to develop a harmonious cuvée, our Côtes du Jura comes from a selection of our best plots. The soils are very varied: Bajocian limestones, calcareous scree and marls on the plots attached to the hillside, to various clays. Lias and Trias on lands further forward, of variable depth but always sitting on marls which may be exposed.
The work in the vines, is based on the respect of the nature and the soil. For young vines, located on steep slopes, to avoid erosion, we cultivate a row out of two, practice soil reassembly to aerate the lands subjected to settlement due to moisture, and grass with plants. Such as clover, which, by competing on the vine, can modulate its mineral and water supply and control its vigor and yield. The restructuring of the vines contributes to the harmony of our cuvée: the young vines bring the exuberance, the freshness and the acidity. While the older specimens bring the structure and character.

Vinification & ageing
After the manual harvest, the grapes are recepted at the winery and put into thermoregulated stainless steel tank for a total maceration of 12 days. Followed regularly throughout the fermentation, incorporating some pumping and pigeage.
At the moment of pressing, the press and drop juices of each cuvee are assembled and withdrawn for malolactic fermentation on fine lees.

Tasting notes
This cuvee TRADITION offers a perfect balance between the elegance and the finesse of the Pinot Noir, and the spicy, crispy notes with a little wilderness of the local grapes.
In the glass the wine offers an intense dark cherry-red colour. The nose gives off small red berries aromas, with pleasant spicy hints. In the mouth, the wine is lively, with hints of spice and ripe fruit. It has an elegant structure and a long, elegant finish.

Food & Wine pairings
Serve at a temperature of average 14 to 15°C (57-59°F) and discover with grilled or roasted meats, a salad with poultry liver, quails with raisins, or in accompaniment of a beautiful plate of French cheeses.

Cellaring time
5 to 8 years.

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