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Grape varieties: 85% Blatina, 5% Alicante Bouschet Vranac 10%.
Vine: 10 years old
Origin: Bosnia-Herzegovina
Wine maker:
Production: Hand harvest before the dawn. The grapes are hand-picked into the PVC crates of 20
kg capacity, the crates are delivered to the winery shortly and the grape-crushing is done as soon as
possible. After the crushing, the mash is put in the fermentation tanks with cylinders of 10 000 l
capacity, and macerated (skins in contact with fermenting wine) for 15-20 days at a temperature of
28-30 °C. During maceration, the mash is firstly sprinkled with must (grape juice) until the onset of
turbulent fermentation; in turbulent fermentation, the mash is punched down mechanically twice a
day with cylinders to the bottom of the vinificator for better tannin extraction.
Following the maceration and alcohol fermentation, the new wine is racked (separated from the
heavy solids that settle on the bottom of the tank) off into Slavonian wooden barrels of 225, 500 and
3000 l capacity, where the spontaneous malolactics continue.
The wine made from Blatina grapes ages in wooden barrels for 16-20 months and, subsequently, in
bottles for a minimum of 3-6 months.
Six months in a bottle.
Soil: mix of deep gravely brown soil, red soil and lime
Color: deep ruby red color;
Palate: This wine is full of dynamic fruit flavors and earthy notes. Dried cherries, fresh picked
blackberry, and even slight savory herb notes are on the front of the palate. The earthy character of the
wine also gives depth to the wine with secondary flavors of autumn leaves and dried flowers flavors,
similar to those flavors found in many Southern Rhone wines. This wine will drink best young but will
also stand up over the next 4 - 5 years.
Food Pairing: pair Blatina with cheeses, spicy foods, smoked beef or any red meat.
Serving :
18-20°C" room temperature;
Alcohol content: 13.5% ;
Acidity G/L: 4.72;
Residual sugar G/L: 2.7;

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