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Grape varieties: 95% Zilavka (Zhi-luv-kah) 5% Bena. Thick skin grape.
Vine: 8 years old
Origin: Bosnia-Herzegovina - Zilavka grows in the rocky land of sunny Herzegovina where cold Alpine river
Neretva brings cool air at night to slow the ripening of this golden grape. Winemakers are generously rewarded
with plentiful fruits as Zilavka can sustain periods of long droughts normal for this area.
Production: This is a fresh lively version of orange wine. Does not exhibit the bitterness nor oxidation. The
harvesting of grapes begins early in the morning so as to take advantage of the natural temperature of grapes.
The grapes are hand-picked into the PVC crates of 20 kg capacity and, after harvest, the crates are placed in the
refrigerated storage and cooled at 12-15 °C. Following the crushing and de-stemming, the mash is put in the
vinificators for the cryo-maceration (cold soak) at 10 °C for 10-12 hours. Extracting color from the skin making
it orange wine for millennials. After maceration, the mash is sent through the press into fermenters of 5000 l
capacity, yeast is added and the fermentation is controlled at 12-13 °C. Following the fermentation, the new
wine is racked off the gross lees (dead yeast cells and particles of fruit) into 5000 l capacity tanks, where the
wine maturates over 6-12 months on the fine lees with intermittent stirring to enrich the wine with
mannoproteins. Filtration at the end to remove fine lees.
Soil: Deep gravelly soil at the position of Imperial Vineyards, situated at an elevation of 75m above sea level;
Color: Crystal clear greenish-yellow color.
Nose: Discreet aromas of citrus blossom and lemon peel mixed with minerality and rich, nutty flavor, which is
present in the young wines and becomes more pronounced with age.
Palate: Refreshing and juicy. The acidity is perfectly integrated, revealing an elegant wine with beautiful structure.
Food Pairing: Mild cheeses, specialty fish dishes and white meat are in full harmony with this wine. Roasted
lamb tastes heavenly with a glass of Zilavka.
Serving : 50 - 54° ; Alcohol content: 12 % ; Cellar potential: 6 years
Acidity G/L 4.42:
Residual sugar G/L: 1.5

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