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Ruhlmann Riesling Cuvée Jean-Charles

Grape variety : Riesling Conditions of growth : That Riesling is planted in a sandy-granitic soil with low levels of organic material. The vines are medium deep-rooted and every second line is planted with grass to ensure strength and vigour. Winemaking method : The grapes are harvested by hand and the whole berries are pressed pneumatically. Traditional fermentation is through a temperature-controlled process, and ageing takes place in vats. Tasting : • Colour : Crystal-clear, pale yellow, very bright. • Nose : Citrus fruits, pear, pineapple and quince aromas. • Mouth : A first impression fresh and distinguished, with fruity and floral flavours following on with a virile, lingering character. Our advice : This is a traditional Riesling, with great acidity and a silky smooth texture. It is an excellent accompaniment to fish, shellfish and white meat but also to typical Alsatian cuisine such as choucroute and baeckeoffe, or to Sushi. Temperature : Serve chilled between 8-10°C (47-50°F). Ageing : Up to five years.

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