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Les Parcelles Sauvignon Blanc
White | 2020
Product Description


100% Sauvignon

2- Appellation:



2-3 years

4- Vinification:

Cold vinification to preserve the aromas of the grape and avoid oxidation problems.

5-Tasting Notes:

  • Fresh, limpid, and very aromatic wine.
  • A nose of green apples, boxwood, and citrus fruits.
  • Pale yellow color with green reflections.
  • A frank attack dominated by citrus scents with a hint of vegetal finish.
  • Fresh and fruity white wine.

Located in the south of France, between the historic city of Nims and the Mediterranean Sea, Chateau Saint Benezet is located in the town of Saint Grilles, at the southern of Rhone Valley.

Since 1999, the estate has bees managed by Yann Soulairac and Elise Bosse-Platiere.

It extends over more than 2000 ha entirely cultivated in "Terra Vitis" sustainable agriculture.

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