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Stone Cuvee
Product Description

Grape varieties: Zilavka (Zhe-luv-kah) 90% and Bena (Ben-nah) 10%; thick skin
Vine: 20 - 40 years old
Origin: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kameni 500 m above the sea level
Wine maker: Tihomir Prusina,
Production: Hand harvest. Cold fermentation at 60 F. Aging in stainless steal. Soil:
Mix of brown soil, red soil and lime with 70 % lime rocks
Color: bright yellowish green
Nose: Clean and refreshing, showing elegance and flavors of green apples, lychee and
honey, scents of chamomile and verbena with a slight mineral tone.
Palate: The ripe, warm flavors of apricot, star fruit and a hint of anise are coddled by juicy
acidity, fine minerality and a long herbal and nutty-toned finish.
Food Pairing: To savor with white meat dishes and all sorts of seafood. Perfect
companion to pizza or fried food dipped in honey mustard sauce. Indira's favorite:
roasted scallops on a bed of pesto or fresh oysters.
Serving : 50 - 54° F
Alcohol content: 13.3 %
Cellar potential: 6 years
Acidity G/L: 5.25 ;
Residual sugar G/L: 2.2

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