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It was in 1978 that the Domain Fougeray de Beauclair, a family business, came to life after the purchase and the vineyard rental system of renowned Burgundy appellations in the Côte de Nuits and in the Côte de Beaune such as “Bonnes Mares Grand Cru”, “Clos Marion” (Monopole de Fixin), the red and white Saint-Jacques (Pinot Noir et Pinot Blanc de Marsannay), Vosne Romanée, Gevrey Chambertin…
The Domain Fougeray de Beauclair’s philosophy has always been based on the option of “top quality”.
They also use different working methods which have made it possible for the wines to hold the top ranks among the most prestigious Burgundy Domains.
fdb_patriceollivierPatrice Oliver has been the winemaker since 1999. This is a superstar domaine that manages to keep its prices within reason. Domaine Fougeray de Beauclair is a true family operation.
Patrice Olivier makes the wine with his father in law. Laurent, Patrice’s wife runs the marketing. They have poured their outstanding Bonnes Mares Grand Cru at several International Pinot Noir Conferences. Considering the quality, the Bonnes Marres is very reasonably priced.


The approach is lutte raisonée, the domaine avoids chemical sprays, vineyard pests being controlled with sexual confusion methods (pheromones) and they use only certified organic compost.


11587The Bonnes-Mares is a famous cuvée, coming on a long-term lease from Bernard Clair. The 40 year-old vines (1.61 hectares) accounted for the totality of that portion of Bonnes-Mares in the commune of Morey St.Denis. These vines formed part of the famous Clair-Daü estate which was in-part sold to Louis Jadot, so Fougeray de Beauclair inherited the obligation to keep selling one third of their Bonnes Mares grapes Jadot. From 2005, Fougeray took 100% of the parcel, but it changed again in 2006 with the death of Bernard Clair. The reason for that change was that Bernard had requested that on his death, the domaine should return 0.4 hectares to the Clair family – in this case the domaine of Bruno Clair. The team at Fougeray say this was never a written instruction so it was entirely possible that they could have kept the whole portion, but they honoured the memory of Bernard by following through his wish. I only have experience of one vintage and that’s the 1998 – it’s a tannic beast that needs keeping for at least another 5 years before approaching again.

Fougeray de Beauclair Fixin Clos Marion: The Fixin Clos Marion is a 3.1621 hectare monopole of the domaine since 1994 and is a long-term lease from the old Domaine Marion. Domaine Marion had many vineyards in Fixin but eventually concentrated on these vines because they found them the best, even building the stout and high wall which you see today. The Clos is just on your left-hand side as you approach the village from the north. A tiny 0.3 hectare part of the vineyard is planted to chardonnay – currently enough for 2 barrels though 5 or 6 is a long-term possibility – and 2006 is the first vintage. The rest is based on vines from 1946, though Patrice replanted another 0.3 hectare section about 2002 “the old vines looked very nice, but with a yield of 1hl/ha…”

Marsannay St.Jacques sits at the top of the hill in Marsannay and takes its name from all the fossilised scallopss and other sea-shells that litter this limestone grounded vineyard. The vines were planted between 1970 and 1980 and 95% of this vineyard is owned by the domaine – there is another 5% section, but this is not currently exploited by the owner. There is also a white wine (about 2,000 bottles) produced from the vineyard – 100% pinot blanc.

The methods used at the Domain Fougeray de Beauclair:
•  The grapes come from best-oriented plots and vineyards,
•  There is limited output and strict sorting of the grapes,
•  Long vinification under heat control,
•  Maturing in new or recent wooden barrels,
•  Regular check-up of the wine batch,
•  The wines are usually lightly-filtered before the bottling process,
•  They use authentic, heavy and smoked glass bottles (for a better preservation of the wine).
These methods have enabled the Domain Fougeray de Beauclair’s wines to be offered in the finest restaurants, cellars and in specialized shops all over the world.


SURFACE: 20 hectares in Burgundy 15 hectares in Languedoc

APPELLATIONS:-Grands Crus et 1 er Crus -village-Régionales

PRODUCTION IN PERCENTAGE: 30 000 cases of 6 bottles


List of appellations produced by Domaine Fougeray de Beauclair imported by Fine Terroir Selections


BOURGOGNE (red and white)

FIXIN (red and white)

MARSANNAY (red and white)