Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petit Verdot

Tasting Notes
Refined and distinguished, Atibaia has a lot of character and aromas. Deep red with Ruby Highlights.  A delicate and intense bouquet. Aromas of spices, black fruits and peony. Smooth, structured, well-rounded wine and a lot of harmony. Tannins are present with great delicacy Atibaia will surely gain in complexity with years in the cellar; Its red fruits and delicate tannins enable you to enjoy it now.

Ripe cherries and wild berries, All wrapped in a touch of cedars and clove.

Food pairing
The wine goes particularly well with veal, red meat, venison and certainly can be enjoyed on its own.

Decanting the wine before serving enables the aromas of Atibaia to be fully expressed.

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Product Description

The Vineyard
From flat to steep terraces, Atibaia’s winery as seen the light of the day following their will to revive those fallow terraces and tame them by planting vines. The first cultivated locality was the one surrounding the house in Smar Jbeil that dates back to the 17th century, transformed into a cellar in 2007. Rich in minerals, the soil is profound and extends over one hectare. The plot of land of Jran is composed of a dozen of winding terraces that are exposed to the north east and thus favorable to the morning sunshine.
Mrah el zeyet’s soil is gravelly; it is not subject to sea breeze and humidity; Thus it remains the coldest of all three vineyards.