Champagne Demoiselle Brut Tete de Cuvée (92WS)

Champagne Demoiselle Brut Tete de Cuvée (92WS)

Tasting Notes

A pale golden yellow colour with delicate green and white tints. The mousse gives a long-lasting crown of fine bubbles.

Very rich aromatically : aromas of white flowers and a prevalence of fruits, such as green apples, pears and dried apricots, and citrus fruits such as lemons and grapefruits. There are also generous hints of sweet Viennese pastry and of toasted bread which overlay aromas of marmelade and mirabelle plums.

A light, lively and easy drinking champagne that has a soft, round mouth feel and a lingering finish. Chardonnay gives its complex and elegant taste.

Delicate bubbles from a large majority of Chardonnay characterize the Demoiselle Tête de Cuvée, a light, fine and well-balanced champagne which goes very well with Italian or Thaï cuisine.

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