Chateau Ksara Chardonnay

Chateau Ksara Chardonnay

Grape varietals
Chardonnay 100%.

The must is sedimented, then fermented in new oak casks that maintain the cool temperature of the cellar. Stirred on lees during ten months before bottling which adds a creamy complexity to the wine.

Oak give a subtle, almost creamy, vanilla topping to the grape aroma and an extra dimension of delicate spiciness to the taste; at the same time it adds a fine grained, racy definition to the texture. Tasting of honeyed, peachy fruit.

The wine takes one year to begin showing its potential and evolves fully over a much longer period of time. An extremely powerful, complex and long lived wine.

Ideal with most crustaceans-lobsters, gray fish, scallops, baked or steamed fish, fresh salmon or turbot served with a rich sauce. Finally caviar calls particularly for this distinguished wine.
To be served chilled at 10-12°C.

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