Château Montus Prestige 91WS

Château Montus Prestige 91WS

Since the first harvest in 1985, this 100%-Tannat-based red astonishes the world by outclassing some of the greatest French wines in many tastings. Château Montus Prestige arises from the
selection of the best terroirs in Montus vineyards and highlights all the qualities of Tannat, the local variety. Besides, it is almost entirely sold as “primeur”.

Grape variety
Tannat, 30 year-old vines. Hand-picked harvest.

Steep slopes with pebbles. Subsoil of brown and red clays. Facing south/southwest. Drained and warm soils on the highest parcels in Montus vineyards. Low yield with only 5-6 bunches per plant.

Winemaking and Ageing process
3 to 6 weeks maceration, depending on vintages. Fermentation at 28°C in wooden tank. Malolactic fermentation and ageing in new oak barrels on fi ne lees for 14 to 16 months.

Tasting notes
Unusual and generous character, depth, soft and complex fruit. Some years, balsamic notes and smoky or cocoa aromas can be found. Very popular among cigars amateurs. A rich wine that has a long ageing potential.

Food and Wine pairings
Montus Prestige can be served with red meats, game, chocolate and fruit desserts…

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