Christian Drouin Pommeau de Normandie

Christian Drouin Pommeau de Normandie

Pommeau de Normandie is obtained by blending Calvados with cider apple juice. The cider apple juice is mixed before fermentation with Calvados in the proportion 2/3 must to 1/3 if 65 degrees. The essential mellowness is the result of ageing in oak casks.

This aperitif full of flavor has strenght of 16 to 18 degrees.

It should be served chilled in tulip glass.

It is perfect in a scopped-out melon, with foie gras or with an apple dessert, much appreciated for the confection of cocktails, it also works wonders in the kitchen as an ingredient in sauces and creams.

“The Pommeau de Normandie is exuberantly fruity, slips down the throatt far too easily given its 17% alcohol content, and once in the mouth, its freshness as well as its aroma of baked apples and buttery brown sugar are quite fascinating”

Robert Parker, 92 Points.

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