Drei Dona Notturno Sangiovese

Drei Dona Notturno Sangiovese

Notturno is, in French parlance the “ Vin Cadet” of the estate. It is born during the harvest grapes selection first, and then during the single vinification barrels selection. The grapes from the younger vineyards are predominant in the blend of Sangiovese Notturno comes from.

GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Sangiovese.

SOIL: clay and silt with 10-13% sand in the texture.

VINEYARDS: in the Forlì area, in the Predappio Doc subzone at ca. 155 mt altitude.

PLANT DENSITY: from 3600 to 5500 v/Ha.

AVERAGE YIELD PER HECTARE: 82 ql\ha, 61 hl\ha (8.2 tons of grapes per hectare producing 6100 lt).

HARVEST: by hand in small boxes (3rd and 4th weeks of September).

WINEMAKING: fermentation both in stainless steel and concrete tank at a controlled temperature. Malo-lactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks before aging.

AGING: aged for average 8 months in 500 liters French wooden casks, mainly second year casks.

AGING IN BOTTLE: 5 years and more.


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