Gouleyant AOC Cahors

Gouleyant AOC Cahors

85% Malbec – 15% Merlot


Its colour is dark cherry red. Its nose is typical of the Malbec variety with notes of ripe red and black fruits (Cherry, blackberry, Raspberry, etc…). Its mouth is also very fruity and finishes on soft and elegant tannins. It must be poured at 15°C.

Terroir – Vinification
« Le Gouleyant » (in French, it means easy to drink) is a selection of the best Malbec grown on the highest gravely and clayey terraces of the Appellation Cahors, situated between the large loops of the Lot River, in the Southwest of France. Its taste is very typical of the malbec variety whose birthplace is Cahors for more than 2000 years. It is the French Original Malbec.
This very crispy wine is made according to the method called “Ni Ni”: neither too hot, neither too cold, neither too long, neither too short (Ni in French means neither). It means that the temperature or fermentation is kept between 25°C and 28°C (less than for the other red usually made around 32°C, but more that for white and rosé, around 18°C). The time of fermentation is about 14 days (longer than for a light red, but shorter than a traditional Cahors fermented between 18 to 24 days). This is the way to get a red wine with very fruity romatic characters and soft tannins, “un vin gouleyant” (easy to drink wine).

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