Le Parisien Viognier, IGP Pays d’Oc

Le Parisien Viognier, IGP Pays d’Oc

The Terroir

70% pebbles and 30% alluvial deposit.

Viticulture / Winemaking:

Grapes resulting from selected vine’s plots. The grapes are harvested during the night to avoid oxidation due to the warm and sunny light. Direct pressing and cooling down at 5°c, Must is cold-stacked for 24 hours. Pumping very clear juices to start fermentation. Using specific and selected yeasts for an optimal aromatic extraction. During the Fermentation (20 days), Temperatures are between 16 and 18°c to allow the development of certain flavour’s sought in this type of product. A Short Maturing Viognier juice on lees is required to reveal the aromatic potential of the sweetness Viognier’s aromas.Racking after tasting. A month later, fining agents are added and filtered for bottling.

Tasting Note:

Color: Pale yellow with golden reflects

Nose: Aromas of peach and whites flowers

Palet: Lovely final and delicate dry fruit aroma as almond

Food pairing: Enjoy before eating or with grilled gambas or fish.

Product information

Winemaker: Amiel SAS / Region: Languedoc, France

Type: Still Dry White Wine

Grapes: Viognier 100%

Alc/Vol: 12%

Service temperature 45°F / Aging potential: 2 years

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