Rozes Infanta Isabel 10 Years Old

Rozes Infanta Isabel 10 Years Old


Rozès 10 Years Old Infanta Isabel is a rich, elegant and generous port wine. That is the reason why it has the name of a Portuguese princess from Middle Ages, known for her generosity and kindness. Aged for 10 years in oak casks at our cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, this wine is the result of a careful selection of wines produced with the main red grape varieties from the Douro region.


  • Color: deep rich mahogany with a slight orange hue.
  • Nose: an harmonious nose with intense and subtle aromas of nuts, fig and raisins and some citrine orange notes.

  • Palate: smooth, complex and rope with a delicious sensation of freshness. A well-balanced and structured wine with a light finish.
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