Vinkara Narince Reserve (90W&S)

Vinkara Narince Reserve (90W&S)

Tasting Notes
A dry white wine made from “Narince” grapes indigenous to Anatolia from Erbaa region of Tokat province. Aged for 14 months in chateau-style 225 liter oak barrels and then further aged at our wine caves after bottling, our wine is a highly acidic and full-bodied dry white wine. It has tropical fruit, apricot, grapefruit and buttery aromas are apparent due to the sur lie method used at the aging process in barrels.

Harvest & Winemaking Data
Fermentation container : Stainless steel tank
Aging container : Large Oak barrel
Size of aging container : 225 Lt
Cooperage : French
Length of aging before bottling : 14 mo
Length of bottle aging : 6 mo
Harvest time : Mid-September
Soil type : Sandy-clay and gravelly
Alcohol : 13,5 %
pH level : 3,42
Residual sugar (grams/liter) : 3,27
Acidity (grams/liter) : 5,08

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Product Description

Tokat Erbaa
Narince is an autochthonous white grape variety originating from the city of Tokat, southern part of Black Sea region. It is one of the main two white grape varieties produced for wine making. Tokat is a part of the Anatolian plain neighbouring Yeşilırmak (Iris) river and starting from the southern hills of the mountains close to Black Sea and Tokat is at the intersection of continental and Black Sea climates. Altitudes vary between 1000 and 2250 feet depending on the subregions. The soil is generally sandy-clay and gravelly.