Whisky Rozelieures Single Malt Blue Origin

Distillery: Built in 1890, the distillery GRALLET DUPIC is nestled in the small village of ROZELIEURES in Lorraine, France. Situated at he bottom slope of an ancient volcano, drawing high quality water from the source of the Vosges mountains, land of premioum malt barley and famous for their eau de vie, G. ROZELIEURES is the only 100% single malt french whisky. Their whisky allies finesse and character, highlighting the potential of the terroir of Lorraine. The distillery is located in front of Essey la Cote Volcano.

Soil: Caly and limestone, which offer a


Distillation and aging: This whisky is the first whisky produced in Lorraine. It is double distilled in stills in ROZELIEURES, then aged in Sherry oak casks.

Tasting notes: These barrels confer on this whisky of the spicy and powerful lively notes, the signature of a big whisky, with a long finale.

Food pairing: Excellent to drnk with meat or fish, as an aperitif or after lunch.

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