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Lautus Savvy Red
SKU: NA002
Product Description


  • Careful winemaking practices were followed to retain aromatics.
  • Crushed, lightly pressed, and settled overnight.
  • Fermentation was done with a selected yeast strain at 12–13 °C.
  • Gentle winemaking practices were followed to minimise the extraction of harsh tannins. Fermentation took place in upright fermenters with one to two pump-overs per day. 26-28°C. Aged in oak for 9–12 months prior to racking to the second phase of production

2-Tasting Notes:

  • Showcasing pure red and blackberry fruit flavors, with a touch of oak.
  • The elegant palate is underpinned by fine tannin and juicy yet subtle fruit. To be enjoyed in its purest and most natural form, without alcohol restrictions.

3-Food Pairing

  • Pairs just as nice with a slow-cooked Coq Au Vin as a Traditional Beef Burger or Steak.

Lautus, the first de-alcoholised wine, launched in South Africa back in 2017. 

Our founder (also the winemaker), Reg Holder, was in pursuit of producing a non-alcoholic wine portraying the beautiful complexity, elegance, and finesse of a premium wine.

We use cutting-edge technology and techniques to de-alcoholise our wines, but our wine-making practices are very traditional. As with all wine, the true heroes are the vineyards. We carefully hand-select the ideal vineyards from regions we know and understand. In this way, we produce wines of high aromatic complexity and balance.  

Today, you can find Lautus in all major retail outlets and top-rated restaurants in South Africa. So, join us for a truly exceptional wine experience. Make the finer choice and drink Lautus. 

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