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Pinot Blanc Plaisir Fruité

Grape variety : Pinot Blanc Conditions of growth : That Pinot Blanc is planted in an alluvial soil. The ground is poor in humic substance but it has been worked to ensure that it is well-watered and the vine roots penetrate deeply. Winemaking method : The grapes are harvested by hand and the whole berries are pressed pneumatically. Traditional fermentation through a temperature-controlled process and ageing takes place in vats. Tasting : • Colour : Pale yellow, with nice brilliance. • Nose : A fruity and fine bouquet, very pleasant, with soft aromas of honey and almond. • Mouth : Soft and mellow first impressions, with fruity notes of Pinot Blanc.The back of the palate reveals apricot, peach and citrus fruit flavours. Our advice : This wine goes well with starters, fish or white meat. It can also be served as a single wine throughout the meal. Temperature : Serve chilled between 8-10°C (47-50ºF). Ageing : Up to four years

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