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Kalecik Karasi Reserve (89WE)

Tasting Notes A dry red wine, made from Kalecik Karası grapes indigenous to Anatolia from Kalecik region of Ankara province. Our wine was produced with specially selected grapes from our exclusive parcel of land at our vineyards that overlook Kızılırmak River. Aged for 14 months in chateau-style 225 liter oak barrels and then further aged at our wine caves after bottling, the wine has a very long finish with soft tannins. Besides blackberry, black currants, strawberry and sour cherry aromas, vanilla and smoked aromas attained during the aging process in the barrels intensify the wine without losing any of its fruitiness. Harvest & Wine Making Data Fermentation container : Stainless steel tank Malolactic fermentation container : Oak barrel Aging container : Large oak barrel Size of aging container : 225 Lt Cooperage : French Length of aging before bottling : 14 mo Length of bottle aging : 6 mo Harvest time : Mid-Sept Soil type : Clay and stone Alcohol : 14 % pH level : 3,81 Residual sugar (grams/liter) : 4,87 Acidity (grams/liter) : 4,62

Vineyard Kalecik Ankara Vinkara’s vineyard Kalecik, is located northeast of Ankara in Middle Anatolia, a registered wine region at an altitude of 650 meters, nourishing from the fruitful Kızılırmak River .It has high acidity and aroma because of its speial climate and terroir . The mountains 2000 m high and to west surrounding the Kalecik terrain creates the special microclimate. The air hits the mountains as it rises, creating hot weather in the valley and rain in the plains which is the natural source for the vineyard. The climate makes it one of the most important centers for viniculture in the world. Due to the unique weather conditions, the most prominent grape cultivated carries the name of the region: Kalecik Karası, one of three most important red grape varieties in Turkey.

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