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Plavac Malic
Product Description

Grape varieties: Plavac Mali; thick skin with color only in the skin of the fruit.
Vine: 10 years old
Origin: Bosnia-Herzegovina
Wine maker:
Production: Hand harvest. Cold maceration for 48 hours at 50 F, Fermentation
at 77 F – 83 F; Extended maceration for 16 days. Aging 2.5 years in 225L Slavonian
oak barrels plus six months in a bottle.
Soil: mix of brown soil, red soil and lime with 70 % lime rocks
Color: deep dark red, almost black
Nose: pronounced, lasting and very complex;
Palate: Aromas of plums, figs and almonds, Mediterranean herbs and spices. Aged in oak
barrels, aromas are further refined with wood scents.
Food Pairing: exhibits softness, drink-ability and complexity and pairs well with red
meats and spicy dishes.
Serving : 65° F
Alcohol content: 12.87 %
Cellar potential: 10 years
Acidity G/L: 5.17
Residual sugar G/L:3.0

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